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The Bristol Open is held annually on the third weekend of September. The 2014 Bristol Open will run from 20 – 21 September at The City Academy, Bristol. Entry opened on 9 April and will close when the competition is full.

1 month 8 days until late entry prices apply

Cancellations made before 10 Sep 2014 will be refunded, so there is no reason to delay entry. We do not anticipate being able to take any entries on the day.

Before midnight on 31 August the entry fee is £25.00 for one weapon or £40.00 for two. After this time, late entry fees apply of £40.00 for one weapon or £80.00 for two.

Entries to The 2013 Bristol Open
WeaponFencersNIF Score
Men's Epee 162100
Women's Epee 9781
Men's Foil 13271
Women's Foil 6984
Men's Sabre 7689
Women's Sabre 4163
Entries to The 2014 Bristol Open
Men's Epee 3
Women's Epee 4
Men's Foil 11
Women's Foil 5
Men's Sabre 1
Women's Sabre 2

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