With an explanation of improvements made by Panorama, our CS2 Panorama Manual describes how to enable, disable and deactivate the new user interface. A little before this year the CS2 guide, called panorama UI CS2, was reworked by Valve. It gives a slicker look at the platform, a streamlined navigation mechanism and much more, upgrading all facets of the user experience. In this article we explain how to turn Panorama on or off, and offer a helpful video which explains all the advantages of the new system so that you know what has changed.

What’s the change

The Panorama upgrade boosts all the classic CS2 interface facets greatly. The Panorama UI makes the game a lot more accessible for new players and only a bit less clinically than the game’s original design is. Here is a video that highlights all of the new features.

  • In reality, it is very easy to trigger the Panorama beta in CS2. Follow these steps and you can find CS2 in your Game Library in no time.
  • Only right-click on the title, then scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown column, pick Properties
  • If the properties are picked, click on the box below named Set Launch Options
  • Enter the text below in the box that is displayed:
  • If you aim CS2 next time, you can find the panorama UI CS2, is used.

Menus have been updated around the board. The latest buying menu provides detailed weapons information and reveals the money and loadouts of your teammates. A button on the scoreboard called “More Stats” reflects statistics from headshot to utility loss. Bots are now named on the scoreboard, meaning you don’t have to use them ever. You must opt-in to the game assets if you wish the test to work on yourself. This beta release only supports bot matches, but by entering a team and taking part in a practice session you can play with a friend. You must return to your own game and withdraw your trial opt-in to return to normal matchmaking after you’ve finished searching.