After you’ve selected which mouse you’re likely to utilize you also may be thinking about that in-game setting you are assumed to select.

You will find a few Mouse settings which need to be cs go pro config. You may have already learned of terms such as raw, sensitivity input, or mouse psychologist. This guide will help you through whatever you want to understand.

The most important Value if controlling your mouse is also identified as eDPI. That is the blend of one’s mouse’s DPI (Dots per Inch) as well as also your in-game sensitivity, also it lets us compare the true sensitivity of unique players irrespective of these hardware settings.

Something that you may see when taking a look at eDPI is that CS: GO experts have a fairly low total sensitivity in contrast to the majority of ‘casual gamers’. The CS: GO experts are not alone at that. Just about every expert shooter player comes with a general sensitivity that a massive mouse needs pad to adapt to their enormous swipes.

Establish Options & Config


Launch choices used to possess Significant influence in your own game, but nowadays that is no longer true besides perhaps’-novice’ which fundamentally only turns off the intro of this game. Even a cs go pro config remains a wonderful tool to have in your toolbox, yet. Even a config is just a set of controls that execute once you begin your game. Utilizing these settings is likely to help your game run as smoothly as you can.

Therefore just how do I place the launching options & config/Autoexec?

To place your launching choices enter your steam library, then right-click Counter-Strike: World Wide Offensive -> properties -> define launching options and copy-paste the following:

In case You’re Employing a 60 Hz monitor utilize these launching options:

We proceed here: C:\App Documents (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOURSTEAMID\730\local\cfg — that is the location where you put your config/Autoexec.

Yet another Fantastic option is to utilize Our Player Database to download the cs go pro config of your favorite ace. In the event you are interested we now have a comprehensive guide about what best to put in the config and make your personal Autoexec inside our library.